Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Beautiful Season

I hope all is well and the holidays have left you peaceful. Tonight we are expecting our first snow storm and we have brought all the horses in the barn. Most of them like to come in at night. The one who protests the loudest is Cool N Collective, ironically when he first retired here straight off the racetrack, he really wanted to be in his stall, he was uncomfortable outside the first days, now he's had his freedom he doesn't want to be confined. Every time I walk by him, he lets me know he's not happy. After they all settled in, I groomed them and felt so thankful for my job, of caring for these magnificent animals. To spend time with each one and take care of them, brush them, clean their feet, listen to them munch hay gives a peaceful feeling I want to share with everyone. Come visit, feel it for yourself.   

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