Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Just being Thankful

I forgot to tell you all about the great soup that our friend Susan made. It was Lentil soup, and it was wonderful. It is thought to bring good luck and prosperity in the new year, so I had 2 cups and am looking forward. Our volunteers here are great, I know that we couldn't do it without them. Our tour guides Theresa and Nicole know all the facts and make the tours fun and interesting. Connie takes the greatest photos, we will hopefully add more to the website soon. Sam comes 3 mornings a week and helps with all the clean up and has become a great horseman this past year, he just showed up one day and said he would like to learn.
Our neighbor Dickie gives us Sunday mornings off, he comes over and feeds and spends time with all the horses. Janelle and Pat feed every Tuesday night and have never missed a week. Bobbie, Cathy & Kim come every chance they get to help with everything and spend time with the horses. Then there is all the great people who work so hard on fund raising, Susan, Carol, Myrna, Jackie, Pat, Bobbie, Peg, Tresa, her mom June, and so many more. It's amazing to me how these horses draw people and then make you fall in love with them to keep you coming back. It's great. I'm so Thankful to all these people I can't express it properly.

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  1. That is nice that the birthdays went fine. poor horses with gas lol must have been a riot. anyhow sorry i couldn't make it to the birthdays on the 1st was busy with the new baby born on the 23rd and the rest of the kids they are quite a handful.
    but i will come back and will be bringing the lead developer for the web site as he looks forward to visiting and seeing what all the long hours where for. but he is looking forward to meeting you, and the cabin creek family.wish you the best for the new year and if you need assistance don't hesitate to call or email us. will see you guys soon sometime this month. take care and happy new year!!!!!